2018 Honda Odyssey vs. 2018 Toyota Sienna: Head to Head

The 2019 Honda Odyssey Opens a New Window. And 2019 Toyota Sienna Opens a new Window. Remain standing while the minivan segment continues to shrink.

The Odyssey entered its present generation in the 2018 model Year while the Sienna has been mostly unchanged since the 2011 version.

All-wheel drive.


Both of these minivans have quite conventional minivan-shaped profiles. They’re big boxes on wheels, and this space-efficient design is precisely what makes them family friendly. The dimensions of these two are pretty similar; the Honda is slightly longer than the Toyota. Although they have similar shapes, the design is somewhat different.

The Toyota Sienna features flat sheet metal and can be starting To look comfortable, has been traveling since 2011. It has received a couple of mild facelifts over the years, but it now appears dated. See the 20-19 Toyota Sienna versions available near you

The Honda Odyssey is considerably more attractive than the Sienna. It has interesting lines throughout the human anatomy that produce it more eye-catching than other minivans. It appears modern and sharp in a segment which is not exactly famous for its looks. Watch the 2019 Honda Odyssey models available near you personally.

We think the Honda is the much Better Looking Mini-van of the two.


As you’d expect, both of these minivans have a Great Deal of room inside. With a flat floor and ample seating for eight people, using freight space on top of that, the van is still the king of family vehicles however popular cross-overs get.

Even the Honda’s interior, such as its exterior, is modern-looking. Every minivan is comfortable for the passengers, but the Odyssey can be a treat for your driver as well. The 7-inch electronic driver-information port at the dashboard presents info to the driver in a means that’s clear and customizable.

One class-exclusive feature of the Odyssey is exactly what Honda Calls Magic Slide second-row chairs. Standard in Odysseys with second-row window chairs, Magic Slide, lets a variety of seating configurations, so allowing seats to slide from side to side. This feature will make it easier to get into the third row of chairs.

The Sienna’s inside, for example, its exterior, is beginning to Appear obsolete. From driving, the Sienna nearly looks as though it did in the preceding decade, especially in comparison to the far newer Odyssey. Despite a less-than-modern structure, the Sienna’s interior is still very functional, comfortable, and well designed.

In Terms of distance, the Odyssey offers a little more legroom for Both the moment – and – third-row passengers. However, the Sienna defeats the Odyssey in cargo distance, and so the slight loss of leg room isn’t for nothing.

With a Bit More passenger room, a considerably more beautiful appearance, and a Couple cool tricks like Magic Slide chairs and a readily available integrated vacuum.

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